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My name is Annchen. I’ve been quietly working on becoming an academic for the past 10 years. This pursuit has moved us from South Africa to Istanbul, Washington D.C., London, Berlin, and back again.


Before we knew it we had become travelers, and then even travel bloggers (that escalated quickly!). It wasn’t unusual  for us to travel to over 20 countries in a year, and our camera rolls were bursting with these memories.


Then came COVID.

South Africa, like the rest of most of the world, came under strict lockdown. Borders closed and we cancelled plans to go to Namibia, Japan, Fiji, and the rest - and we’ve been grounded ever since. So instead of making more memories, we were forced to become stationary and celebrate the memories already made. This is the story of how I stumbled upon acrylic Posca markers and attempted a bit of mapmaking. When We Traveled is a proud COVID-baby.


Do you remember when we traveled? Because I do.